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Creating confidence in diagnostic imaging

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Is your imaging department confident it can meet the demands of value-based care?

Download: A call to action: Creating imaging confidence through purposeful innovation.


  • How to keep pace with innovation that improves outcomes and reduces costs
  • How to make big data meaningful in real time to benefit patients
  • How to standardize imaging to speed acquisition and workflows while maintaining personalized, patient-centric care
  • How to create good patient experience in radiology, and how much you can impact it

Simplifying the path to clinical decision-making

Acquiring the right image at the right time in radiology can offer a literal line of sight to a confident clinical diagnosis and path to treatment. It can also reduce waste and costs, while making your job easier and more rewarding. And, maybe most importantly, fewer scans means a better experience for the patients you care for.


We’re focused on purposeful innovation in radiology such as standardized exam cards, on-demand remote support, and other automated design features that can help technologists acquire the right image—based on specific patient needs—the first time.

Lahey Video

A case study in diagnostic confidence

See how we collaborated with Lahey Health to confidently deliver the right images and insights – reducing stress in the healthcare system, while improving the experience for the patient and care team. 
Radiologists share their perspective

Radiologists share their perspective

Hear from peers how advanced technologies and product innovations from Philips are creating enhanced imaging and experiences for patients and staff. 

Partner to transform across your enterprise




Explore how Philips provides enterprise-wide healthcare management consulting services to help improve clinical care, operational effectiveness, and financial performance.

Smartpath upgrade

Upgrades and trade-ins


Discover our portfolio of upgrades and trade-ins that can extend the life of your equipment. Partner with Philips to enhance your investment and expand your capabilities.

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