PerfectCare Aqua Silence Steam generator iron

PerfectCare Aqua Silence Steam generator iron

Up to 6.2 bar pressure, 330 g steam boost, Carry lock, 2.5 L fixed watertank GC8650/80

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent green algae in my steam generator’s tank?

It is very easy to prevent green residues or algae in your steam generator iron’s water tank. Please read here what you should do.

Empty the water container regularly

Emptying your steam generator water container regularly will prevent the formation of algae or residues.

Algae can form when water remains unchanged in your iron’s tank for a long time. By having fresh water I the water tank, algae can’t be formed and your water tank will remain clean.

Clean your water tank

If green algae has built in your steam generator iron’s tank, then please

1) Clean the water tank thoroughly with hot water, detergent and a sponge. If needed, use a brush as well.

2) Rinse it well, and fill it with fresh water again.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC8650/80 , GC8650/81 .

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