AquaTrio Pro

AquaTrio Pro

3-in-1: vacuums, mops & dries, Triple-Acceleration Technology, Visible wet cleaning, All hard floors FC7088/61


The water of my Philips AquaTrio vacuum tank leaks

If the water of your Philips AquaTrio leaks, there can be several reasons. Please find out how we can help you.

The cap of the water tank is not properly closed

If the cap in your AquaTrio vacuum is not properly closed, the tank might leak.

Please, make sure the cap is well closed after filling the water tank with water.

The water tank is not properly locked into the AquaTrio Pro

Please, make sure the water tank is locked by the water tank handle. If this is not done correctly, your vacuum could leak water.

The water tank is broken

Replace with a new water tank. You can order a new water tank with the following type numbers:

CRP252 Lid dirty water tank
CRP159 Dirty Water tank
CRP161 Clean water tank
CRP162 Lid clean water tank

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC7088/61 .

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