PowerPro Active Bagless vacuum cleaner

PowerPro Active Bagless vacuum cleaner

2000 W, PowerCyclone 4, Multi Clean nozzle, EPA 10 filter FC8670/61


My Philips vacuum cleaner does not switch on

In the unfortunate event your Philips vacuum cleaner does not switch on, there might be a simple solution. Discover how to solve it yourself.

The vacuum cleaner is not plugged into the mains

Please, plug your vacuum cleaner into the mains.

The on/off button is not pressed correctly

Please, make sure you pressed the on/off button firmly.

If your vacuum cleaner’s on/off button is not pressed correctly, it will remain off.

The batteries are empty (applies to vacuum cleaners with infrared remote control)

Please check if the vacuum cleaner switches on without remote control by pressing the on/off button on the vacuum cleaner itself. If so, then the batteries in your remote control are empty.

In this case, replacing the batteries will solve the problem.

There might be a technical failure

If none of the previous options apply to you, then there might be a technical failure with your vacuum cleaner.

In this case, we recommend you to contact Philips Consumer Care for a solution.

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC8670/61 , FC8924/01 , FC8585/01 , FC9912/61 , FC8385/02 , FC8082/61 , FC8085/61 , FC8291/01 , FC8291/02 , FC8950/01 , FC8471/61 , FC8472/61 , FC8760/61 , FC8140/01 , FC8140/60 , FC8130/01 , FC8450/61 , FC8454/61 , FC8452/61 , FC8451/61 , FC8451/01 , FC8760/01 , FC8452/01 , FC8146/01 , FC8130/60 , FC9205/01 , FC8144/01 , FC8230/01 , FC8234/01 , FC8230/60 , FC8134/01 , FC8913/01 , FC9083/01 , FC9080/01 , FC8915/01 , FC9078/01 , FC9252/01 , FC9256/01 , FC8608/03 , FC9206/01 , FC8442/01 , FC8738/01 , FC8440/01 , FC8445/01 , FC8613/01 , FC8614/01 , FC9067/02 , FC8344/01 , FC9067/01 , FC8722/01 , FC8716/01 , FC8608/01 , FC8606/01 , FC8602/01 , FC8348/01 , FC8734/01 , FC9064/02 , FC8344/03 . more less

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