Avance Collection Innergizer High Speed Blender

Avance Collection Innergizer High Speed Blender

2000W, 45000 RPM HR3868/01

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the ingredients in my Philips blender become warm?

Find out here why the ingredients in your Philips blender become warm after blending.

Sometimes the high speed of this blender can cause ingredients to warm up

There are different ways to keep your smoothie/ingredients cold:

  • You can use the preset blending mode or shorten the blending time under manual blending mode to avoid over blending and warming.
  • Put all your ingredients (including liquid) in the fridge before blending.
  • Freeze solid ingredients or add 4 to 6 pieces of ice cubes to your blender jar.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR3868/01 .

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