Rechargeables Battery

Rechargeables Battery

AAA, 950mAh, Nickel-Metal Hydride R03B2A95/10


How to get the best out of my Philips NiMH batteries?

To get the best from your rechargeable batteries :

  • Buy a good charger. Make sure you get a “smart” charger, one that electronically monitors the recharge process and prevents overcharging.

  • Remove the batteries when the recharge is complete. Unnecessary time on the charger means more “trickle” power is used to keep them charged.

  • Don't regularly discharge your batteries completely in an attempt to make them last longer. Complete discharge can actually shorten their lifespan.

  • Store your NiMH batteries at room temperature in a dry location. Excessive heat can definitely damage your batteries and cause them to lose charge faster.

  • Consider using low self-discharge NiMH batteries, which don't lose power as quickly when sitting on a shelf. If your rechargeables are ready to use, you're less likely to fall back on the throwaways.

The information on this page applies to the following models: R03B2A95/10 , R6B2A260/10 , R03B2A80/10 , R6B4A210/10 , R6B4A230/10 , R6B4B260/10 . more less

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