Flat TV

Flat TV

51 cm (20"), LCD, Progressive Scan 20TA1600/98

Frequently Asked Questions

I have good sound, but how can I improve my picture of my Philips TV?

To adjust your LCD TV picture, select a channel and follow these steps.

  1. Press the MENU button to see the onscreen menu.
  2. When PICTURE menu is highlighted, press the CURSOR RIGHT button to enter the PICTURE menu.
  3. Press the CURSOR DOWN to choose the item you want to adjust: Smart Picture, Brightness, Color, Contrast, Sharpness. Smart Picture: Please refer to page 18, for details on Auto Picture Settings. Brightness: Adjust to brighten the dark parts of the picture. This appears to add white to the color. Color: Adjust to add or reduce color.
    Contrast: Adjust to“sharpen” the Picture quality. The black portions of the picture become richer in darkness and the white become brighter. Sharpness: Adjust to improve detail.
  4. Press the CURSOR RIGHT or CURSOR LEFT button to adjust the item.
  5. Press the CURSOR DOWN button to select and adjust other picture controls.
  6. Press MENU repeatedly to remove the menu from the screen.

Any adjustment of Brightness, Color, Contrast or Sharpness will be stored into PERSONAL at Smart Picture section.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 20TA1600/98 , 26TA1600/98 , 32TA1600/98 , 20TA1000/98 . more less

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