3000 series LCD TV

3000 series LCD TV

81 cm (32"), HD Ready 32PFL3007/56

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch off Philips TV display and only listen to the sound?

Yes, you can. Use the [Mute screen] feature which allows you to switch off the TV display while you are listening to a radio station or even watching TV, which will reduce the energy consumption.

To activate the [Mute screen] mode, proceed as follow:

  1. In TV mode, press the green button on the remote control to display the energy-efficient settings option.
  2. Select [Mute screen] and press the ‘OK’ button to confirm.
  3. The TV screen will switch off; only the sound is available from the TV.
  4. If you wish to exit the [Mute screen] mode, press any keys on the remote control.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 32PFL3007/56 , 46PFL3507/98 , 46PFL3507/56 , 42PFL3507/98 , 42PFL3507/56 , 42PFL3007/98 , 42PFL3007/56 , 32PFL3507/98 , 32PFL3507/56 , 32PFL3406/98 . more less

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