132 cm (52"), Full HD 1080p, digital TV 52PFL5604H/12

Frequently Asked Questions

What issues in Philips TV are solved with a software upgrade?

Every software update solves different issues. A software update ensures that your TV is performing optimally in accordance with the latest technological developments.

To check if there is new software available for your TV, you have to check if the software version on the Philips support website is higher than the software version in your TV and update it if necessary.

Follow these procedures to check the current software version on your TV

  1. Press the [Home] button on the remote control to access the home menu
  2. Use the [Cursor buttons] to select [Setup] and press the [OK] button to confirm
  3. Press the cursor [Down] to select [Software update] and press the cursor [Right]
  4. Select [Current software info] and press the [OK] button to display the current software version on your TV set

Check software version

Check the software version against the latest TV software on the Philips support website. Refer to the SOFTWARE & DRIVERS section.

  • If the TV software version is lower than the version posted on the website means your TV set needs to be upgraded
  • Follow the instruction in the user manual or readme file of the firmware upgrade on how to upgrade your software

The latest software solves the issues below:

Note: Each release contains all solutions identified in the earlier version.

Q5431_0. 26.78.0

  • No sound from external devices through HDMI connection

Q5431_0. 26.76.0

  • No picture and sound (blank screen) observed on HD video content through HDMI connection
  • TV menu operation becomes extremely slow when the audio language is changed on digital cable service (DVB-C)

Q5431_0. 26.75.0

  • The Finnish subtitles will only be displayed after you switch channel

Q5431_0. 26.73.0

  • TV switched off and on by itself when viewing pay channels/services with a Conditional Access Module (CAM) inserted (Only applicable to Netherland)
  • Hungarian language option cannot be selected on the HDMI CEC device language menu with the TV remote control

Q5431_0. 26.72.0

  • Video freeze or macro blocks observed on HD digital broadcast at the interval of 10-12 minutes

Q5431_0. 26.70.0

  • Error message appear on screen when viewing pay channels/services with a Conditional Access Module (CAM) inserted

Q5431_0. 26.69.0

  • TV switched off by itself after 2 hrs of operation
  • All user settings (e.g. delta volume) are lost after channel installation/update
  • TV displays a message “Scrambled program” when switching from Free-To-Air (FTA) channel to a pay channel

Q5431_0. 26.66.0

  • When 'EasyLink' feature is switched off in the TV menu, the channel number or name OSDs will not be displayed or display as 'undefined format' when switching to external inputs or TV channels
  • Channel preset/position are shifted by +1 after performing cable installation with UPC network (Only applicable to Netherland)

Q5431_0. 26.58.5

  • TV does not work with other HDMI CEC compliant devices
  • TV does not store all the channels from UPC service provider (Only applicable to Netherland)
  • Introduction of a new feature, Scenea. It allows you to use your TV as a photoframe.

Q5431_0. 26.38.22

  • Only one analogue channel is stored after performing digital cable (DVB-C) installation (Only applicable to Netherland)
  • Micro-block or mosaics appear on channels

Q5431_0. 26.38.21

  • Digital cable services are stored in the wrong preset/position and analogue cable channels are not present in the channel list
  • Analogue cable channels are stored in the wrong preset/position in the channel list, after you have stored as new channel during analogue manual installation
  • Increase the maximum number of cable services stored in the TV memory from 500 to 700

Q5431_0. 26.38.17

  • Software is released for production purposes only - no software upgrade is required by the consumer

Q5431_0. 26.38.14

  • Enable digital cable (DVB-C) functionality for Switzerland and Austria countries
  • To disable Now and Next program banner after channel change. This is a new EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) requirement.

Q5431_0. 26.33.17

  • Software is released for production purposes only - no software upgrade is required by the consumer

Q5431_0. 26.33.15

  • A vertical green line appears on the left side of the screen in “Unscale” picture format through HDMI connection
  • Video drop-out when you change channel on the Philips/Pace set-top-box through HDMI connection
  • The radio channel background disappeared with a message “Video not supported” displayed when you change the radio channels

Q5431_0. 26.33.9

  • TV cannot store the channels from cable service provider, Kabel Baden-Wurttemberg (Only applicable to Germany)
  • TV does not display the correct resolution for some PC formats and is forced to the 640x480 resolution
  • While playing a media file in the root directory of the USB memory device, the Program +/- button does not allowed you to select another media file
  • Unable to enter the network frequency for DVB-C installation (Only applicable to Netherlands)
  • To preset/position analog channels from preset number 2001 onwards after channel installation (Only applicable to Netherlands)
  • Channel disappeared from the original preset position and shifted to a preset number 16384 after installation update (Only applicable to Lithuania, Czech Rep or Italy)

Q5431_0. 26.29.5

  • No channels found after auto-installation (Only applicable to Ukraine & Bulgaria)
  • Riks TV certification (Only applicable to Norway)


  • Channels TF1, France2 and M6 disappeared from the preset list after installation update (Only applicable to France)


  • Incorrect program information displayed
  • Flashing green or blank screen when the colour range on the external device is changed


  • Unable to playback MPEG4 files from USB flash device


  • Initial production software

The information on this page applies to the following models: 52PFL5604H/12 , 32PFL5404H/12 , 37PFL5604H/12 , 47PFL5604H/12 , 42PFL5604H/12 . more less

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