3000 series LCD TV

3000 series LCD TV

81 cm (32"), HD Ready 32PFL3007/56


How to cycle through teletext subpages automatically in Philips TV?

Follow these procedures to turn on:

  1. Press the [Teletext] button on the remote control to enter teletext mode

  2. In teletext mode, press the [Options] button to display the options Menu

  3. Press the cursor [Down] to select [Cycle Subpage] and press the cursor [Right]. [Cycle subpage] option can only be selected if the teletext page contains subpages.

  4. Select [ON] and press the [OK] button to confirm

  5. The TV exits the options Menu automatically and display the teletext page

  6. The subpages will cycle through automatically at a short interval

  7. Press the [Teletex] button to exit teletext


  • The TV's Menu does not include an option to set this feature permanently
  • In teletext mode, you can cycle through the subpages automatically with the [Cycle subpages] feature in the options Menu
  • When you leave teletext mode or change teletext page, this feature will be reset to [OFF] mode

The information on this page applies to the following models: 32PFL3007/56 , 46PFL3507/98 , 46PFL3507/56 , 42PFL3507/98 , 42PFL3507/56 , 42PFL3007/98 , 42PFL3007/56 , 32PFL3507/98 , 32PFL3507/56 , 42PFL4007H/12 , 32PFL4007H/12 , 47PFL4007H/12 , 55PFL5507H/12 , 40PFL5507H/12 , 46PFL5507H/12 , 50PFL7956H/12 , 55PFL7606H/12 , 32PFL3406/98 , 42PFL4606H/58 , 47PFL4606H/58 , 40PFL5606H/58 , 42PFL7606H/12 , 47PFL7606H/12 , 32PFL5606H/12 , 32PFL5606H/58 , 46PFL6606H/12 , 55PFL6606H/12 , 46PFL6626H/12 , 40PFL6606H/12 . more less

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