4000 series LCD TV

4000 series LCD TV

107cm (42"), Full HD 1080p, digital TV 42PFL4606H/58

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Philips TV constantly switching the picture format when I watch TV in [Auto fill] format?

When the TV picture format is set to [Auto fill], the TV will automatically adjust the picture to fill the screen when black bars or subtitles are detected. In this option, you may experience a constantly changing picture format when the TV performs the automatic picture format conversion.

If you wish to set a specific format, proceed as follows:

  1. Press the [Adjust] button on the remote control to access the Adjust menu.
  2. Select [Picture Format] and press the [OK] button to display the list of available picture formats.
  3. Press the cursor [Up] or [Down] to select [Widescreen] option or any other format that you feel comfortable with and press the [OK] button.
  4. Press the [Back] button to exit the menu.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 42PFL4606H/58 , 47PFL4606H/58 , 40PFL5606H/58 , 32PFL5606H/12 , 32PFL5606H/58 . more less

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