6000 series 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED TV

6000 series 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED TV

107cm (42"), Easy 3D, DVB-T/C 42PFL6008H/12


How to rearrange or reorder channels in my Philips TV?

You can only rearrange or reorder channels in the Favourite channel list.

You have to create your favourite channel list before you can rearrange the channels.

Follow these procedures to rearrange the channels:

Step 1-6

1) While watching a TV channel, press [List] button to open the channel lists.

2) To access the channel list tab, use the cursor [Up].

3) Select the [Favourites] channel list and press the [OK] button to access the favourite channel list.

4) If the Favourite channel list is empty, the TV will prompt you to add channels.

5) Use the [Cursor buttons] to select the channel you wish to rearrange and press the [Green button] Green button [Move]. Or, to cancel the repositioning, press the Red button [Cancel].

NOTE: This TV does not allow you to select multiple channels and move them at the same time.

6) A directional arrow box appears around the selected channel to indicate that the channel is selected.

Step 7-10

7) Use the [Cursor buttons] to move the channel to the desired location in the channel list and press the [OK] button to confirm the location.

8) The channel will be inserted in the selected location and the former channel will be shifted.

9) Repeat step 5 and 8 if you wish to rearrange more channels.

10) Once complete, press the [List] button to exit the channel list.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 42PFL6008H/12 , 60PFL6008H/12 , 55PFL6008H/12 , 47PFL6008H/12 , 55PFL6007H/12 , 42PFL6007H/12 , 47PFL6007H/12 . more less

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