SoundShooter Portable speaker

SoundShooter Portable speaker

Green SBA3010GRN/00

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an extra cable to connect my speaker to an external device?

There is no need for extra cable.

Depending on models, the speaker is already equipped with 3.5mm audio-in connection or USB connection.

  • If the speaker comes with the 3.5mm audio-in cable, connect the cable to the headphone socket on the external device
  • If the speaker comes with the USB cable, connect the cable to the USB socket on the computer

The information on this page applies to the following models: SBA3010GRN/00 , SPA2210/10 , SPA2201/10 , SPA20/12 , SBA3011ORG/00 , SBA3011BLU/00 , SBA3011BLK/00 , SBA3210/00 , SPA7220/05 , SPA4355/05 , SPA1330/05 , SPA7380/05 , SPA2100/12 , SBA3005/00 , SBA3110/00 , SBA3010ORG/00 , SBA3011GRN/00 , SPA4355/12 , SBA3010BLU/00 , SPA7380/12 , SPA4350/10 , SPA6350/10 , SPA1305/10 , SPA5300/10 , SPA5210B/10 , SPA3210/10 , SPA7360/10 , SPA9200/10 , SPA4310/10 , SPA3251/10 , SPA6200U/10 , SPA2602/10 , SPA1302/10 , SPA7350/10 . more less

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