Wireless Bluetooth® headphones

Wireless Bluetooth® headphones

40mm drivers/closed-back, Over-ear, Soft ear cushions SHB7250/00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Philips Bluetooth headphones with my TV?

Current Bluetooth headphones are not compatible with your TV.

Although a working connection is sometimes possible, Bluetooth involves some time delay (latency).

The sound from your TV will not be in sync with the picture.

Please use any of our current analog FM wireless headphones instead.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SHB7250/00 , M2BTBK/00 , SHB4000WT/10 , SHB4000/10 , SHB8000BK/00 , SHB8000WT/00 , SHB4000/00 , SHB4000WT/00 , SHB1400/00 , SHB9100/00 , SHB6110/00 , SHB9001/00 , SHB9000/00 , SHB7110/10 , SHB6110/05 , SHB9000/10 , SHB6110/10 , SHB6111/10 , SHB6101/00 . more less

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