GoGEAR MP4 player with DJ headphones

GoGEAR MP4 player with DJ headphones

ViBE with DJ headphones, 4GB* SA3VBE04RH/94


How to charge my Philips MP3 player without a PC?

You can charge your Philips MP3 player with a Universal USB Charger (Figure 1) or a Universal USB Car Charger (Figure 2).

Universal USB charger and Universal USB Car charger

General information

  • The retractable USB or the USB cable provided with your player connects to the Universal USB Charger
  • The Universal USB Charger has a power output of 5 V and a power rating of > 0.5 A

You can use these Philips chargers:

  • Philips Power2Charge: SCM7880, SCM4480, SCM2280, SCM4380, SCM2180
  • Philips Power2Go: SCE7640, SCE4430, SCE2110

Find more information about Philips chargers on the Philips website

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA3VBE04RH/94 , SA3VBE04KL/97 , SA3ARA08K/97 , SA3MXX02P/97 , SA3MXX02K/97 , SA3MXX02B/97 , SA3VBE04B/97 , SA3VBE08K/97 , SA3MXX04K/97 , SA3RGA02K/97 , SA3RGA04R/97 , SA3RGA04KS/97 , SA2ARA16K/97 , SA2VBE08K/97 , SA2VBE04S/97 , SA2SPK04K/97 , SA2RGA04K/97 , SA2RGA02S/97 , SA2CAM08K/97 , SA2MUS16S/97 , SA011102S/97 . more less

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