FiberBoost Technology, QuickClean, 900W, XXL feeding tube HR1916/71

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I juice citrus fruits with my Philips juicer?

  • Yes, you can juice citrus fruits with your juicer.
  • We advise you to peel them before juicing because on the one hand, the peel may be chemically treated, and on the other hand, the white pith of the fruits tastes bitter and may affect the taste of the juice.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR1916/71 , HR1922/21 , HR1897/31 , HR1855/72 , HR1832/45 , HR1836/05 , HR1836/00 , HR1855/05 , HR1863/05 , HR1863/00 , HR1810/72 , HR1869/00 , HR1869/35 , HR1869/05 , HR1823/70 , HR1851/00 , HR1871/00 , HR1871/05 . more less

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