6400 series Pressurized ironing system

6400 series Pressurized ironing system

70 gr GC6405/03


My ironing board is wet and I see water stains on the floor

You might experience wet stains on your ironing board cover or on the floor under the ironing board. There are a couple of things that are good to know.

Your ironing board cover has worn out

When the foam or felt in your ironing board cover has worn out, this might cause condensation drips.

Replace your ironing board cover. You can also add an extra layer of material under the ironing board cover to prevent condensation on the ironing board. For the best solution, we recommend you to use Philips Easy 8 ironing board with PerfectFlow cover (GC260) specially designed to avoid dripping on the board and floor.

Normal steam condensation causes drips of water

Your iron is not defect,
Your iron is equipped with high steam output (to produce powerful levels of steam). This helps achieving great ironing results and easy crease removal but may cause condensation on the board cover and for the board or your clothes to be slightly damp. Also because of this, after a long ironing cycle, the floor under the ironing board might become a bit wet as well.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC6405/03 , GC7430/27 , GC7430/02 .

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