6400 series Pressurized ironing system

6400 series Pressurized ironing system

70 gr GC6405/03

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Philips iron overheat or build too much pressure?

The pressure and temperature are controlled by a pressostat and a thermostat respectively.

If the pressure or temperature becomes too high, the boiler is switched off automatically.

The boiler will cool down and the pressure will be released.

If you are concerned about burning your garments during ironing, we recommend the Philips PerfectCare range with OptimalTemp technology: 100% easy to use —
no temperature setting required; 100% safe —
on all ironable garments; 100% fast —
no other steam generator or steam iron is faster.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC6405/03 , GC7430/27 , GC7430/02 , GC6420/02 , GC6440/02 , GC6420/03 , GC6420/27 , GC8220/02 . more less

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