Avent Baby Bottle

Avent Baby Bottle

1 Natural bottle, 2oz/60ml, First flow nipple, Natural nipple shape SCF699/17

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Philips Avent bottles make switching from breast to bottle easier?

The Philips Avent nipple is a natural broad and soft design, which encourages baby to latch on with a wide-open mouth and to suckle similar to breast feeding. This helps make the switch from breast to bottle more natural.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF699/17 , SCF627/17 , SCF628/17 , SCF655/27 , SCF694/27 , SCF695/27 , SCF696/17 , SCF690/27 , SCF651/27 , SCF693/27 , SCF693/17 , SCF690/17 , SCF654/27 , SCF653/27 , SCF652/27 , SCF693/37 , SCF138/05 , SCF643/37 , SCF643/17 , SCF640/17 , SCF646/17 , SCF139/02 , SCF640/04 , SCF640/27 , SCF643/27 , SCF643/07 , SCF646/37 , SCF137/05 . more less

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