Viva Collection Kettle

Viva Collection Kettle

2200 W, 1.7 L, Stainless steel, Kettle HD9357/12


How to clean the scale filter of my Philips kettle

Remove the filter and clean it under a running water faucet by gently brushing it with a soft nylon brush. You can also clean the filter by simply leaving it in the kettle while you descale the kettle. Some kettles have a mesh that attracts scale from the water. This mesh can be cleaned by squeezing and turning it under a running water faucet. The scale filter is also dishwasher proof.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD9357/12 , HD4677/22 , HD9334/12 , HD9334/23 , HD9305/26 , HD9342/02 , HD9320/26 , HD9300/91 , HD9300/02 , HD4646/56 , HD4631/20 , HD4646/00 , HD4646/20 , HD4665/24 , HD9300/00 . more less

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