Viva Collection Kettle

Viva Collection Kettle

2200 W, 1.7 L, Stainless steel, Kettle HD9357/12


There is water/condensation on the base my Philips kettle

If you find some condensation or a few drops of water on the base, this is probably not a manufacturing defect but a normal phenomenon. Read more here.

A few drops of water or some condensation can be noticed on the base of the kettle

This is normal, don’t worry. Your kettle is not defective.

Water leakage (more than just a few drops of water) can be noticed on or under the base of the kettle

A seal that is located inside the kettle is damaged, or scale has attached to it (this scale will not be fixed by descaling). We recommend you to contact Philips Consumer Care and ask for a repair.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD9357/12 , HD4677/22 , HD9334/12 , HD9334/23 , HD9305/26 , HD9342/02 , HD9320/26 , HD9300/91 , HD9342/01 , HD9300/02 , HD4646/56 , HD4631/20 , HD4646/00 , HD4646/20 , HD4665/20 , HD4665/24 , HD4670/20 , HD4677/20 , HD4677/40 , HD9300/00 . more less

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