PerfectCare Elite Silence Steam generator iron

PerfectCare Elite Silence Steam generator iron

Up to 7.2 bar pressure, 490 g steam boost, Carry lock, 1.8 L detachable watertank GC9642/66

Frequently Asked Questions

The Decalc light on my Philips steam generator blinks. Why?

When the orange Decalc light is blinking in your steam generator iron, it is time to descale it. Please find out here how this works.

The orange Decalc pilot light is blinking: the iron needs to be descaled

Please follow the next steps to descale your Philips steam iron:

1) Cool down the iron:

We only recommend you to descale your iron when it is completely cooled down. Please wait for 2 hours after using it or descale it before use.

2) Place the iron near the kitchen sink:

The best place to descale your iron is near the kitchen sink. Make sure that the Decalc knob at the front of the appliance is above the sink. When you open the Decalc knob, water will flow from the iron in the sink. If you do not have space to put your appliance near the sink, please make sure that you have a large bowl available to collect the water.

3) Remove the Decalc knob:

Remove the Decalc knob by turning it anti-clockwise. Make sure that you can collect the water in the sink or bowl while doing this. The boiler will be emptied and you will see dirty water flowing from your iron.

4) Place the Decalc knob back:

Return the Decalc knob back where it was by turning it clockwise. Make sure that the knob is closed very tight to prevent water leakage.

5) Refill the water container and switch the steam iron on:

After this descaling action, you can refill the water container and switch on the steam generator. It will start heating up and the blue pilot light will blink.

6) Expect steam delay when using it the next time:

Because you have completely emptied the water from the iron, you will experience a steam delay of maximum 30 seconds. This is normal after every descaling action.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC9642/66 , GC7035/20 , GC7035/26 , GC8650/80 , GC8650/81 . more less

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