Viva Collection OnionChef

Viva Collection OnionChef

Chopper, ChopDrop technology, 2 functions: coarse and fine, Automatic Speed Selection HR2505/80

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put boiling ingredients in the Philips chopper bowl?

No, let hot ingredients cool down until the temperature is lukewarm.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR2505/80 , HR2505/81 , HR2505/90 , HR2505/91 , HR1393/00 , HR1399/80 , HR1398/81 , HR1398/80 , HR1397/11 , HR1393/01 , HR1396/00 , HR1396/01 , HR1397/01 , HR1398/90 , HR1398/91 , HR1396/55 , HR1396/56 , HR1399/01 , HR1399/90 . more less

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