Avance Collection Hand blender

Avance Collection Hand blender

700 W Promix metal bar, Variable speed and turbo, 1 L Beaker, XL chopper, whisk HR1643/00


My Philips chopper stops due to a blocked blade unit

  • Remove the motor unit and the lid from the bowl
  • Use a spatula to dislodge the ingredients that are blocking the blade unit
  • You may also need to process a smaller quantity

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR1643/00 , HR1643/01 , HR1396/00 , HR1399/81 , HR1399/80 , HR1396/01 , HR1397/01 , HR1652/90 , HR1396/55 , HR1396/56 , HR1399/01 , HR1399/90 . more less

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