Satinelle Delicate areas epilator

Satinelle Delicate areas epilator

Unique ergonomic design, for easy handling and comfort HP6565/60


My intimate epilator makes an odd sound or runs slowly

If your intimate epilator makes odd sounds or runs slower than normal, there might be ways that you can fix the issue yourself. Simply follow the instructions below.


  1. You might be pressing the epilator on your skin too hard. You only need to touch the skin lightly when epilating.

  2. Clean the epilator according to the instructions in the user manual. Especially check if any hair or dirt is stuck in the epilating head.

  3. The rechargeable batteries may be almost empty. Charge the epilator.

  4. Check the epilator and the epilating head for broken parts. If the epilating head is damaged or if you hear loose parts rattle inside the appliance, stop using it and contact our customer care team in your country.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP6565/60 .

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