Satinelle Delicate areas epilator

Satinelle Delicate areas epilator

Unique ergonomic design, for easy handling and comfort HP6565/60


How do I use my Philips intimate epilators?

As the hairs on the intimate area are thicker and denser than in other part of your body, Philips has specially designed an epilator for this delicate area.

How to use:

  1. Stand upright and place one leg higher than the other (e.g. on a chair or the rim of the bathtub) to stretch the skin.

  2. With your free hand, stretch the skin with two fingers to make the hairs stand upright.

Note: Although root hair removal is painful, your skin will get used to it. The more you epilate, the less hair will regrow and this will help to gradually reduce the pain.

Tips and tricks:

  • When you epilate your intimate area for the first time, we advise you to epilate in the shower or in the bathtub because water relaxes the skin and makes epilation more gentle and less painful. Do not epilate after having soaked in a hot bath for a longer time, as long exposure to hot water makes the skin more sensitive and may lead to skin irritations.

  • When you epilate your intimate area for the first time, we advise you to start using the epilator in the bikini area. Then you work slowly downwards to get used to the feeling.

  • If you epilate dry, epilation is easier just after taking a bath or shower, as bathing or showering makes the skin softer. Make sure your skin is completely dry when you start epilating.

  • Before epilating, you can spray your intimate area with calming thermal water. Let the skin dry on the air first and then tap the skin with a towel to remove any remaining moisture. The effect of thermal water depends on soothing stimuli provided by minerals and trace elements.

  • You can pre-cool your skin with a cool pack, as cooled skin is less sensitive to pain. Make sure to tap dry your skin with a towel, if you want to epilate dry.

  • Your skin has to be entirely clean and free of oil. Do not apply any cream to your skin before you start epilating.

  • We advise you to epilate in the evening, as skin irritations usually disappear overnight

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP6565/60 .

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