AquaTouch Electric Shaver Wet & Dry

AquaTouch Electric Shaver Wet & Dry

CloseCut shaving head, Wet&Dry AT610/14

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wet or dry shave with my Philips shaver?

Ultimately it's personal preference, but
check out our short video, or read the points below, for a quick guide to the two methods.

Some points to consider when choosing wet or dry shaving:

  • Dry shaving can be done almost anywhere, even on the go, and there is hardly any cleaning involved.

  • Wet shaving can be refreshing and often beneficial to those with very sensitive skin as you won't get the same friction and irritation as you would expect from a razor blade.

  • Philips shavers are specifically designed with rounded, low-friction heads to give the closest possible shave with the least amount of friction to avoid irritation from both dry & wet shaving.

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The information on this page applies to the following models: AT610/14 , RQ1150/17 , RQ1250/17 , AT620/14 , RQ1185/17 , RQ1285/22 , RQ1285/17 , HQ6996/16 , RQ1285/16 , RQ1280/17 , RQ1275/16 , RQ1155/16 , RQ1141/16 , RQ1185/42 , RQ1185/24 , RQ1185/22 , RQ1185/21 , RQ1185/16 , PQ202/17 , RQ1280/22 , RQ1160/17 , RQ1260/22 , RQ1260/17 , RQ1180/17 , RQ1160/22 , RQ1160/16 , HQ906/15 , HQ7350/17 , HQ904/15 , HQ912/15 , HQ801/16 , HQ802/16 , HQ803/16 , HQ804/16 . more less

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