ProCare Auto Curler Auto Curler

ProCare Auto Curler Auto Curler

Titanium Ceramic Barrel, Brushless motor, 3 heat & 3 timer settings, Salon style results HPS940/13


My Philips Auto Curler makes beeping sounds

If you hear a continuous beep from your Auto Curler, refer to the following tips to solve this issue.

Release the button

The beeping sound is a signal for your to release the curling button. This is to prevent your hair from overheating.

Trapped hair

You can also hear a short continuous beep if your hair is trapped in the curler. In this instance, the device will shut down automatically, but will make a beeping sound first to warn you.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HPS940/13 , HPS940/03 .

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