Daily Collection Low-fat fryer

Daily Collection Low-fat fryer

Low fat fryer, Multicooker, Black/Silver, 800 g HD9210/91

Frequently Asked Questions

What baking tin can I use in the Philips Low Fat Fryer?

You can use any oven-proof dish or mold in the Low Fat Fryer. Stores that sell cookware usually have Low Fat Fryer-suitable molds available.


The baking tin should still leave some space on either side when you place it in the basket to ensure the airflow can pass around it.

Never place the baking tin or oven dish directly in the pan, as this obstructs the airflow in the pan causing only the top of the food to be heated. Always place the baking tin or oven dish in the basket.

Maximum size:

Rectangular baking tins or molds with a maximum length and width of 20 x 11 cm or less and a height of 6 cm.


Silicone or paper cupcake cups or molds can also be used to bake cup cakes, muffins or small gratins in the Low Fat Fryer.

Always wear oven mitts when you handle the baking tins or molds. The baking tins or molds and the Low Fat Fryer basket become very hot.

If the above information did not answer your question, please contact the Philips Customer Care.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD9210/91 , HD9210/94 .