BlueTouch pain relief patch

BlueTouch pain relief patch

Innovative Blue LED technology, For muscular back pain, Wireless, Need to be used with strap PR3092/00


BlueTouch suddenly switches off during treatment.

There are different reasons why the BlueTouch suddenly switches off. Find out how to resolve it yourself.

The preset treatment time is finished:

The BlueTouch Pain Relief Patch has been programmed to switch off automatically after the treatment time in the selected treatment mode has elapsed.

The infrared sensor is blocked:

Check the position of the patch in the strap. Make sure the strap does not cover the infrared sensor. If the infrared sensor is not covered but the BlueTouch Pain Relief Patch still switches off, it is probably broken. In that case, contact Philips.

The skin temperature is too high:

Check if you do not wear too many or too thick clothes over the BlueTouch Pain Relief Patch during treatment.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PR3092/00 .

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