PulseRelief Wireless Electrotherapy

PulseRelief Wireless Electrotherapy

App-controlled, 15 TENS and 5 EMS programs, 60 intensity levels, Compatible with iOS & Android PR3840/00


Can I control multiple PulseRelief devices with 1 Philips Treatment App?

Yes, you can add another PulseRelief to your Philips Treatment App and you can use two devices (4 electrodes) at the same time. Go to settings, select “add PulseRelief” and follow the steps in the screen.

Larger areas

If you would like to treat larger areas e.g. on your back or knee, you can also use 2 devices (4 electrodes) at the same time. Using 2 devices (4 electrodes) at the same time is not meant for applying it to different body areas.

Please find below the Electrode Placement Guide for both 2 and 4 TENS electrodes (not for EMS):

electrode placement TENS

The information on this page applies to the following models: PR3840/00 .

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