Lumea Advanced IPL - Hair removal device

Lumea Advanced IPL - Hair removal device

For use on body and face, 15 minutes to treat lower legs, >250, 000 lamp flashes, Extra long cord SC1997/60


My skin feels uncomfortable with my Philips Lumea

If your skin feels uncomfortable when using Philips Lumea, make sure to first check whether it is suitable for you.

Is Philips Lumea suitable for you?

Our Lumea models, SC1981-SC1985 and SC1996, SC1997 and SC1999 have a skin tone/color sensor. This skin color sensor ensures that a pulse will be emitted only on suitable skin colors.

Philips Lumea is suitable for most women, except those with naturally dark skin and women whose body hair color is gray, red, light blond or white. Make sure you've selected the recommended intensity suitable for your hair and skin color, and try lowering your current setting. Treat only shaved areas that are recommended in the user manual.

Take care when tanning

Tanning can affect the comfort of the treatment, whether it's natural sunlight exposure, or artificial tanning methods such as tanning lotions, tanning appliances etc. Avoid exposure to the sun for 48 hours before your treatment with Philips Lumea, and do not expose treated areas to the sun for at least 24 hours after the treatment.

To reduce the uncomfortable feeling of a tanned skin, select a lower intensity. Bony areas such as shinbones and ankles are more sensitive than other areas of the body. Use gentler pressure when placing Philips Lumea on these areas.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SC1997/60 .

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