Lumea Prestige IPL - Hair removal device

Lumea Prestige IPL - Hair removal device

With unique curved attachments, For use on body and face, With SmartSkin sensor, Both cordless and corded use BRI950/60


My skin feels uncomfortable with my Philips Lumea.

If your skin feels uncomfortable when using Philips Lumea, make sure to first check whether it is suitable for you by referring to the 'Skin and Hair type' table in the user manual.

Is Lumea suitable for you?

Philips Lumea is suitable for most skin tones, except very dark skin tones, as it can cause skin damage such as burns, blisters or discoloring.

Selected the recommended intensity

Make sure you have selected the recommended intensity suitable for your hair and skin color, and try lowering your current setting. And make sure you remove any hairs in the areas that you want to treat with Lumea.

Take care when tanning

Tanning can affect the comfort of the treatment, whether it's natural sunlight exposure, or artificial tanning methods such as tanning lotions, tanning appliances etc.
If the treatment feels uncomfortable because of tanned skin, select a lower intensity.
Bony areas such as shinbones and ankles are more sensitive than other areas of the body.
Use gentler pressure when placing Philips Lumea on these areas.

If pain occurs

  • Reduce the light intensity to a comfortable level.
  • Make sure that the treatment area is hair-free and cleaned
  • Make sure that the safety attachment and your skin is clean from remaining hair.
  • Do not flash on lesions, moles etc.
  • Reduce the intensity level if pain occurs when you treat a tanned area.
  • Press your Lumea on your skin more gently, especially sensitive bony areas such as shinbone, knee and ankles

The information on this page applies to the following models: BRI950/60 , BRI953/60 , BRI956/60 , TT3003/61 , SC2007/00 , SC2009/60 , SC2002/01 , SC2003/00 , SC2002/00 , SC2001/00 . more less

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