Avent Manual breast pump set

Avent Manual breast pump set

On-the-go set SCF300/13


My Avent breast pump leaks where it connects to the bottle

Make sure you hold the pump upright; as if you bend it milk will leak from the joints where the pump and bottle connect.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF300/13 , SCF302/01 , SCF300/60 , SCF300/20 , SCF300/12 , SCF302/60 , SCF302/13 , SCF304/60 , SCF304/02 , SCF290/16 , SCF292/15 , SCF292/13 , SCF294/02 , SCF292/01 , SCF290/60 , SCF290/12 , SCF290/20 . more less