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Philips  Electric sweeper 4.8 V FC6126/03

No more bending

Electric sweeper FC6126/03

Easily reaches difficult spots

The Philips electric sweeper is great for a quick clean of floors: the fast-spinning brush roll easily picks up dirt and it is easy to maneuver. The sweeper is very silent and with its bendable stick it easily reaches difficult spots.


Better reaches under furniture

  • Bendable stick

Picks up dirt easily

  • Fast spinning brush-roll

Green power that lasts longer

  • Eco-friendly NiMH battery

Easy cleaning along walls

  • Side brushes

Easy to empty

  • Unique dirt tray removal system

Comfortable grip

  • Soft touch handle


Bendable stick

The bendable stick assures an easy cleaning, even of hard to reach places. You don't have to bend anymore to clean under furniture: this sweeper bends for you.

Bendable stick
Fast spinning brush-roll

Fast spinning brush-roll

To make your work easier, an electrically rotating brush automatically flips dirt into the Electric Sweeper's self-contained dirt chamber. Turn on the Electric Sweeper and effortlessly pick up dirt, crumbs, hair and more. This dynamic brush-roll action is safe and effective on any hard or short-pile carpeted floor in your home.

Eco-friendly NiMH battery

Enjoy optimal freedom of movement without a cord getting in your way. Powerful, rechargeable Nickel-Metalhydride (NiMH) batteries give you up to 50 minutes of cleaning on hard floors. These NiMH batteries are green batteries. This means they do not have highly toxic elements, which makes them better for the environment. Furthermore NiMH batteries have longer-lasting power that ensures performance over time.

Eco-friendly NiMH battery
Side brushes

Side brushes

The side brushes on the sweeper make sure you will get a good cleaning result, even along the walls. The brushes move the dirt from the side to the front of the sweeper, so the roller brush will pick up all the dirt.

Unique dirt tray removal system

The unique dust management system gets rid of dirt, from the floor to the bin, effortlessly. One click of a button opens the chamber,allowing you to empty everything inside straight into the bin without bending down or touching any dirt.

Dirt tray removal system

Soft touch handle

The soft touch handle ensures a comfortable grip. The soft rubber coating feels gentle and gives the firm grip you need.

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