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Philips  Super-automatic espresso machine Brews 2 coffee varieties HD8745/21

Taste the aroma of your favorite fresh beans

Xsmall Super-automatic espresso machine HD8745/21

Coffee machine with one touch bean-to-cup espresso

Philips Saeco Xsmall coffee machine, the smallest member of the bean-to-cup family, combines design and functionality. Preparing an excellent espresso is done with one push of a button - your fresh coffee beans are ground for intense aroma.


Grind your favorite coffee beans

  • One touch bean-to-cup espresso
  • Small and energy efficient
  • Adjustable Grinders

Easy to use

  • Classic milk frother for creamy foam
  • Ergonomic in day-by-day operations

Easy of cleaning and maintaining

  • Automatic coffee circuit cleaning
  • One click removable brewing group


One touch bean-to-cup espresso

Your favorite beans are always freshly ground so their entire aroma is captured in every cup. This way Philips-Saeco bean Saeco bean-to-cup espresso machines deliver excellent and fresh coffee enjoyment day after day.

Bean-to-cup espresso
Auto coffee circuit cleaning

Automatic coffee circuit cleaning

This feature makes sure that each and every coffee is as fresh as possible: Before going into and when returning from stand-by mode, the machine automatically cleans its coffee circuit.

Classic milk frother for creamy foam

Unleash your inner barista, preparing your delicious milk specialties the traditional way guaranteeing a gorgeous foam.

Classic milk frother
One click removable group

One click removable brewing group

The brewing group – a Saeco invention- is the heart of our machines, ensuring that the machine makes everything on its own. Thanks to its easy access, you can effortlessly remove it for regular cleaning with just one click.

Small and energy efficient

Small size and frontal access to all functionalities make sure that the Phlips Saeco Xsmall automatic espresso machine fits in every kitchen. And thanks to its efficiency (Class A according to Swiss regulation) and auto shutdown it’s very kind to the environment.

Small and energy efficient
Ergonomic day-by-day

Ergonomic in day-by-day operations

Philips-Saeco is a synonym for convenience: refilling beans or water, emptying the coffee-dump box or the drip tray, all compartments are directly accessible.

Adjustable Grinders

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