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Philips  Maintenance Accessories Milk Circuit Cleaner CA6705/99

Perfectly cleans the milk circuit

Maintenance Accessories CA6705/99

Keeps milk tubes hygienic and clean

With Saeco milk circuit cleaner you can sanitize the milk circuits of your espresso machine or milk frother. It ensures effective removal of milk residue from all components. We recommend to carry out this cycle once per month.


Effective protection of your espresso appliance

  • Protects the milk circuits from milk residue clogging

Prolong lifetime

  • Regular cleaning prolongs lifespan of milk frothing parts

Sensational milk foam quality

  • Improve the taste of your coffee specialty


Regular cleaning prolongs lifespan of milk frothing parts

Regular cleaning prolongs the life of all milk frothing parts (e.g. tubes, Cappuccinatore, Panarello).

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