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Philips  Wall light LightStrip Curve Color 1.6m 70957/55/PH

Color your world with light

Wall light 7095755PH

The Philips LED LightStrip Curve Color adds a colorful touch of light to the home. Accentuate architectural features and create new ones in 16 colors. The flexible light strips create a unique ambience around any shape or object.


Let the colors blend naturally into your interior

  • Choose among 16 colors including white
  • Diffused light effect
  • Automatic color changing mode
  • Adjust the brightness by using the remote control

Subtle placement of product

  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Easy to install

Easy to use

  • Easy to connect
  • Easy-to-use remote control

Safe to use

  • Safe LED technology


Choose among 16 colors including white

Choose your favorite color out of the 16 different colors including white.

Choose among 16 colors
Diffused light effect

Diffused light effect

All the different colors blend naturally into your interior thanks to the diffused light effect with an output of 125 lumen.

Ultimate flexibility

Thanks to the flexibility of the LightStrip Curve it's easy to subtly install the product anywhere and on any piece of furniture. By using the included connecting accessories, you can even make various cross roads, curves and angles.

Ultimate flexibility
Automatic color changing mode

Automatic color changing mode

The remote control offers 4 different settings to automatically change the colors of the LightStrip Curve Color.

Adjust the brightness by using the remote control

Adjust the brightness by using the remote control.

Easy to connect

Easy to connect

This LightStrip Curve comes in a set of 5 seperate strips with a total length of 1,6 meter. The strips are easy to connect thanks to the integrated pin contacts.

Easy to install

Paste the LightStrip Curve wherever you like thanks to the integrated adhesive strip on the backside.

Easy to install
Easy-to-use remote control

Easy-to-use remote control

Simply choose one of the buttons on the remote control to change the color, the light effect or the brightness of the LightStrip.

Safe LED technology

The LED light strip is safe to touch and use without the risk of open electricity.

Safe LED technology

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