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Philips  Blender 750W HR2094/00

Extra power for superior blending and crushing

Aluminium Collection Blender HR2094/00

750 W motor with speed precision

The Philips blender HR2094/00 in anodised aluminium features a 750 W engine, which can handle just about anything – from fruit and vegetables to ice. Its multi-speed function will blend, crush and cut to almost any consistency you want.


Make the perfect smoothie and crush ice instantly

  • Ice crush button
  • Powerful 750 Watt motor
  • Pulse function
  • Special smoothie function

Choose the exact speed you need

  • Variable speed control with illuminated display

Perfect crushing and blending

  • Long-lasting serrated blades

Clear juice without seeds and pips

  • Filter for clear juice

Easy to clean

  • Detachable blade unit for easy cleaning


Detachable blade unit for easy cleaning

Clean easily and effectively by removing the blade from the jar.

Detachable blade
Ice crush button

Ice crush button

Crush ice easily with this Philips blender with the touch of a button.

Variable speed control with illuminated display

Set the blender to the speed you want with this unique control knob.

Variable speed control with illuminated display
Long-lasting serrated blades

Long-lasting serrated blades

Crush and blend to perfection with these long-lasting, ultra-sharp blades.

Filter for clear juice

Keep seeds and pips out of your juice with this convenient filter.

Filter for clear juice

Special smoothie function

With the special smoothie function the blender will prepare the perfect smoothies.

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