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Multimedia Speakers 2.1
  • Powerful, rich sound

    Multimedia Speakers 2.1

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    40W output supported by SPD™ patented bass port technology gives deep, rounded tones with less distortion. The 2-way tweeter + woofer design produces both high and low to mid-range frequencies, maximizing output with a more balanced sound.


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Powerful, rich sound

Unparalled listening experience

  • SPD™ innovative bass port technology for deep, rounded tones

    Philips Sound Purification Duct (SPD) bass port technology delivers the deep, pure tones of the original bass sound. Using an SPD foam material to process the inner surface of the bass pipe, the special acoustic damping invented by Philips reduces noise turbulence and stabilizes the tuning frequency. Philips technical and consumer tests confirm this buffer provides less colored, purer quality bass.

  • 2-way tweeter + woofer design

    A dual-range speaker with two drivers produces high frequencies from the tweeter and low and mid-range frequencies from the woofer. This maximizes output with a more balanced sound than that from the commonly used one-way structure, where a single driver has to produce all the frequencies. So you can enjoy better acoustics with clear vocals and high tones along with solid bass, and all for a very competitive price with this latest Philips range of speakers.

  • Band pass subwoofer design for accurate bass reproduction

    With its box-within-a-box design, this band pass subwoofer has two volume chambers to create more air capacity and deliver an altogether better bass sound with better balance and less distortion. The audio energy from the central driver is concentrated more effectively in the desired frequency output range, producing an overall sound image that is more focused and more accurately reproduced.

  • Flared bass pipe emphasizes low tones for pure, strong bass

    The bass pipe design is one of the key elements in this speaker cabinet. Its size, length, shape and flare area have the ultimate impact of opening the arc of low-frequency playback. Philips' flare design is relatively large with a bigger port, opening a large receive buffer so that sound waves flow more smoothly. Received air sound is smaller with less noise and distortion than you might find in other speakers. Philips understands the acoustics you want and this design dramatically reduces distortion, delivering a deeper, richer bass and allowing you to hear high frequency tones more clearly.

  • Mylar material tweeter for high definition sound

    The unique Mylar material used in the tweeters ensures incredible sound definition. The full range of high frequencies is perfectly reproduced, so music comes to life and movies sound like they were meant to. An integral part of the 2-way design, the tweeter improves high frequencies resulting in cleaner, more spacious and more accurate sound in tandem with the woofer. Improved clarity means you can identify all the different elements in the music. Listen to the individual instruments, hear the vocals more clearly, enjoy your music in refreshing detail.

  • 3 integrated power amplifier circuits for balanced sound

    To keep the price down for most 2.1-channel multimedia speakers, the power amplifier circuit part is often overlooked, with a single power amplifier design becoming the focus. However, in this very sophisticated circuit design, Philips uses 3 integrated amplifier chips to drive the two satellite speakers and the subwoofer. The SPA4320 has a large built-in radiator, and the heat generated by the power amplifier circuit is dispersed by this heat sink. The UTC2030 amplifier chips provide a good solid foundation for quality sound and all the power needed to drive the subwoofer and satellites.

  • Well damped driver reduces vibration and sound distortion

    A single speaker driver normally incurs a specific frequency division vibration near the edge of the diaphragm, often resulting in some sound distortion. This way to overcome this problem by using Mylar, a uniform monomer and a much lighter material that is more usually used, around the driver cone. Surrounding the cone in a perfectly symmetrical ring, the resulting damping effect suppresses the asynchronous vibration, resulting in a more balanced and natural sound.

  • Curvilinear cabinet for well-rounded sound

    The curvilinear design of the cabinet not only looks good but is shaped to provide a balanced sound that emanates more naturally and in its original form. With less distortion and coloration, you can be assured that your favorite music will always sound the way it is supposed to. Philips knows acoustics and we make sure that sound not only sounds great, but looks great too!

  • Attractive high gloss finish

    High-gloss 'Piano black' finish looks simply superb in both classic and modern interiors.

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