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Sports headphones
ActionFit On-ear Sports Headband Headphones

Sports Headband Headphones

ActionFit, On-ear, Orange & Black SHQ5200/10 Find similar products
  • Tuned for Sports

    Sports Headband Headphones

    SHQ5200/10 Find similar products

    Robust and ergonomic, the ultralight ActionFit SHQ5200 Headphone is designed for the most demanding workouts. 40mm neodymium drivers ensure powerful bass while open acoustics and detachable ear cushions always keep you comfy, dry and cool. See all benefits

  • Tuned for Sports


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Tuned for Sports

Non-slip, secure fit with silicone grip

  • 40mm neodynium drivers for mega bass and fueled performance

    Get into your groove with music that packs a solid punch, thanks to powerful 40mm neodymium drivers that pump out mega deep and dynamic bass. Your ActionFit headphones are designed to fuel your workout performance – no matter how demanding. Experience a vividly moving sound experience, whatever your workout and wherever you go.

  • Detachable, washable ear cushions keep you cool and dry

    Go ahead and sweat it out – your ActionFit SHQ5200 headphone feature unique ear cushions that are covered by a moisture wicking fabric that keeps you comfortable, cool and dry throughout your workout. Just detach the cushions for a wash after several uses and they’ll be as good as new.

  • Non-slip headband with silicon grip lets you move freely

    The ActionFit SHQ5200 headphones feature a specially designed headband that fits securely throughout your toughest workout. Its non-slip headband is built with an innovative silicon grip that ensure sufficient contact points on your head, preventing any side-slips or front-back pendulum effects while you move freely during your workout.

  • Open acoustic design keeps you alert to your surroundings

    For your safety, your ActionFit headphones allow you to be aware of your environment – especially when exercising outdoors. Its open acoustic platform lets you discern what is happening around you while still enjoying your music fully.

  • Snug-fit headband optimally fits any ear contour

    Your ActionFit headphone features a discreetly designed snug-fit headband with ergonomic ear cups that are stringently tested to fit all ears – no matter what shape and size – comfortably and perfectly.

  • Ultra lightweight 99gm headphones for superb fit and comfort

    Weighing in at a lean 99gms, the ActionFit SHQ5200 is one of the lightest headphones on the market. Its efficiently engineered architecture features individual parts that are specifically designed to achieve a precise balance of ergonomic structure and comfortable weight. The headband frame is made of high-grade polypropylene, ensuring a consistently firm grip and discreetly stylish fit.

  • Kevlar-reinforced cable for ultimate durability

    Your ActionFit headphones are specially designed for durability and strength. Its Kevlar-coated cable is well protected against tearing and breaking, and can withstand extreme environments – and workouts.

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