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    Add superior 5.1 surround sound to your TV

    Add superior surround sound to your TV without the clutter. Philips SoundBar with Ambisound allows you to enjoy amazing TV and movie entertainment with your Blu-ray or DVD player in cinema-like multi channel surround sound.

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    Product features

    • Ambisound for surround sound from fewer speakers

      Ambisound technology produces truly embracing multi-channel surround sound from fewer speakers. It delivers an immersive 5.1 sound experience without the constraints of sitting position, room shape or size, and without the clutter of multiple speakers and cables. Through the combined effect of psychoacoustic phenomena, array processing and precisely angled driver positioning, Ambisound delivers more sound from fewer speakers.

    • Dolby Digital and DTS for great surround sound

      Go digital and get the most out of your music and movies. Even stereo music sounds great because Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround enhance digital music and videos, pumping it up so you get truly immersive surround sound out of your home cinema speaker.

    • Touch panel for intuitive playback and volume control

      Intuitive touch panel controls allows you to control the volume as well as other playback options by simply pressing the touch sensitive controls on the front panel.

    • Flexible placement on the wall, tabletop or stand

      Enjoy the versatility of this home theater system that allows you to place it where you will. Whether on a TV stand, on a table or mounted on a wall, the product looks sensational and functions without compromise. For once, you get to control how your home looks without giving up an incredible home theater experience.

    • HDMI Hub to connect HDMI devices for great sound and picture

      HDMI Hub provides additional HDMI ports to allow you to connect other devices such as your game console or HD set-top box to your home theater conveniently. By connecting your devices through the HDMI Hub, you can enjoy high-definition sound and picture for all your entertainment.

    • Audio in to enjoy music from iPod/iPhone/MP3 player

      Audio in allows you to easily play your music directly from your iPod/iPhone/iPad, MP3 player, or laptop via a simple connection to your home cinema. Simply connect your audio device to the Audio in jack to enjoy your music with the superior sound quality of the Philips home cinema system.

    • SoundBar design best fitting a 102cm (40") flat TV or larger

      The SoundBar lends an air of sophistication and grace to any living room. Though it is designed to fit a flat TV with a 102 cm (40") screen or larger, it will also sit under any other flat TV like a companion - matching all your interior and your lifestyle.

    • 300W RMS power delivers great sound for movies and music

    • Easily connect your TV via a single HDMI cable

    * The home theater can also be matched with all other Philips TVs.

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