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2200W Vacuum cleaner with bag TriActive+ nozzle

PerformerPro Vacuum cleaner with bag

2200W, AirflowMax technology, HEPA 13 filter, Animal+ FC9194/01 Find similar products
  • Highest suction power, even as the bag fills up*


    Vacuum cleaner with bag

    FC9194/01 Find similar products

    With its powerful 2200W motor and specially designed dust chamber, Philips PerformerPro vacuum cleaner maintains high airflow, giving you the highest suction power. For great cleaning results, even as the bag fills up!* See all benefits

  • Highest suction power, even as the bag fills up*


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Highest suction power, even as the bag fills up*

with 2200W motor and 5L dust capacity

  • 2200 Watt motor generating max. 500W suction power

    2200 W motor generates max. 500W suction power for excellent cleaning results.

  • Revolutionary Airflow Max technology for extreme suction

    Airflow Max technology maximizes the airflow, allowing the dustbag to unfold uniformly, so you get the highest suction power, even as the bag fills-up!

  • 5L dust capacity for longer cleaning

    The specially designed 5L dust chamber allows you to make optimal use of your dust bag, so you can clean for longer.

  • New 3-in-1 TriActive+ nozzle picks up coarse and fine dust

    The TriActive+ nozzle applies 3 cleaning actions in one go: 1) It gently opens the carpet with its specially designed soleplate to remove the dust deep down. 2) It sucks up big bits with its larger opening at the front. 3) It sweeps up the dust and dirt alongside furniture and walls with its two side brushes.

  • Turbo Brush nozzle for more thorough cleaning of your carpet

    The Turbo Brush nozzle allows deep cleaning of carpets, easily removing hair and fluff. The rotating brush inside the nozzle actively removes small dust particles and hairs, resulting in a better cleaning performance on caprets. The wheels of the nozzle prevent damage in case of use on hard floors.

  • HEPA AirSeal with HEPA 13 filter retains 99.99% of dust

    HEPA 13 filter and AirSeal capture even the finest dust before the air is blown out for a dust-free environment and clean, allergen free air. The exhaust air is even cleaner than the air in the room.

  • Allergy friendly quality tested by ECARF

    This vacuum cleaner with HEPA 13 filtration is certified as Allergy friendly by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation. The HEPA 13 filter purifies the exhaust air up to 99,95% of allergens from; cat & dog hairs, dust mites or pollen to support an allergy friendly home environment.

  • s-bag Ultra Long Performance captures even more fine dust

    The Philips s-bag Ultra Long Performance made of five layers of high quality, non-clogging material captures even the finest dust. This excellent filtration gives you a better cleaning result and clean air in your home. The multilayer filtration also maintains the vacuum cleaners high suction power during the entire lifetime of the bag. The s-bag ULP has been tested and certified by the independent test institute TÜV Rheinland Group, proven to last up to 80% longer than a standard dustbag.

  • Long reach for convenient cleaning

    11 m reach allows you to clean a larger surface without having to switch the plug.

  • 360Flex hose swivel for smooth maneuvering

    The Philips 360Flex hose swivel offers full 360 degrees of rotation of the hose for smooth maneuvering of the vacuum cleaner around your house.

  • SmartLock coupling to easily adjust to each cleaning task

    The unique Philips SmartLock coupling on nozzles and the telescopic tube easily connects, and disconnects, these parts during cleaning. The SmartLock coupling intuitively allows you to adjust the telescopic tube to your preferred height.

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Eco passport - Our environmental product specifications overview

Philips cares about the environment and society at large, and strongly supports eco-design of products.

  • Suction power tested in accordance with international standard IEC 60312-1, tested by external test institute SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH (Philips Consumer LifeStyle B.V., August 2012)

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