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Get the job done quickly and easily with Philips HomeHero vacuum cleaner. This cleaner delivers great suction power, dust filtration, and flexible nozzles for thorough cleaning without the hassle.

Product features

  • 2000 Watt motor generating max. 375 Watt suction power

    This powerful 2000 Watt motor generates max. 375 Watt suction power for excellent cleaning results.

  • HEPA AirSeal plus HEPA 12 filter

    This vacuum cleaner has been designed in such a way that all the air taken in is passed through the HEPA 12 filter (99.5% filtration) before it is exhausted. No escape is possible.

  • Two comfortable carrying handles for extra convenience

    This vacuum cleaner has not one, but two carrying handles. When it is on its wheels, there is a handle on top which enables you to easily move the cleaner around with very little bending. The second handle on the front side of the appliance enables you to comfortably carry it around in an upright position.

  • Parquet nozzle with soft brush hairs for scratch-protection

    No more risk of scratches thanks to this nozzle with soft brush hairs, especially designed to carefully clean your hard floors.

  • Unique Clean Comfort Cassette to avoid contact with dust

    When disposing the dust bag of your Philips vacuum cleaner, there will be no contact with the dust thanks to this patented dust bag holder.

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