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Be prepared

If you want to be prepared for every cleaning task, the Philips Triathlon is the vacuum cleaner for you. With the Triathlon you can clean dry dust and dirt, wet spills and even rejuvenate your carpets. An all-in-one cleaning solution!

Product features

  • Tri-scopic tube is fully adoptable to each height

    Tri-scopic tube is fully adoptable to each height.

  • Turbo Brush nozzle removes 25% more hairs and dust

    The Turbo Brush nozzle allows deep cleaning of carpets and quick hair and fluff removal from carpets. The rotating brush actively removes small dust particles and hairs, resulting in a 25% better cleaning performance on carpets. The wheels of the nozzle prevent damage in case of use on hard-floors.

  • 1500 Watt motor generating 300 Watt max. suction power

    Efficient 1500 Watt motor generates 300 Watt max. suction power for a beautiful cleaning result.

  • Wet nozzle brushes, cleans and leaves the floor dry and safe

    Wet nozzle with brush to take care of the sticky dirt; a mop for cleaning spills and a squeegee to leave the floor dry and safe.

  • Deep clean your carpets with shampoo

    Carpet nozzle with shampoo function to deep clean your carpets.

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