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    Experience live music in car

    Enjoy multiple source music in your car with the Philips CE151. Stay connected to your music on your mobile & important calls, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth® receiver. Also features anti-theft detachable front panels for security.

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    Product features

    • Music Zone for adjustable sweet spots

      Philips' innovative Music Zone technology lets the driver and the passengers enjoy their music with more vivid spatial effect, just as the artist intended it to be heard. Users can easily switch the music listening zones from the driver to the passengers and back again to get the best sonic focus in the car. A dedicated zone control button provides three pre-defined settings - Left, Right and Front (and All) - so you can best match your listening needs easily and dynamically alone or with your passengers.

    • Dynamic Bass Boost electronically enhances the low tones

      Activate the Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB), and the low-end bass frequencies are electronically enhanced to achieve consistent sound reproduction, especially when the speaker volume is set at a low level. You hear impressive bass at all times.

    • USB Direct and SDHC card slots for MP3/WMA playback

      Thanks to the complete file transferability, you can easily enjoy the convenience and fun of accessing more digital music via the built-in USB Direct and SDHC card slots.

    • Built-in Bluetooth receiver for call and music streaming

      The Bluetooth hands-free feature lets you use your mobile phone safely while driving and you don't have to miss any important calls. With the built-in Bluetooth® receiver, you can also conveniently stream your music files from your phone to your car entertainment system.

    • Browse by folder or song for instant search or quick access

      This function allows you to find a track or album much faster by letting you browse through songs and folders, which are the usual contents of USB/SDHC devices. With the dedicated folder/song button, only three simple steps are needed to make a search – press folder/song, rotate the volume knob and push to select. This simple process lets you search through your music quickly and easily, letting you to focus on your driving.

    • MAX Sound for instant power boost

      MAX Sound technology produces an instant boost in bass and treble, maximizing volume performance and instantly creating the most impressive listening experience with just the touch of a button. Its sophisticated electronic circuitry calibrates existing sound and volume settings, instantly boosting bass, treble and volume beyond original maximum levels without distortion. The end result is a noticeable amplifying of both sound spectrum and volume and a potent audio boost that will add mileage to any music.

    • Built-in 50W x 4 amplifiers for excellent sound quality

    • Detachable front panel for anti-theft security

    • High contrast LCD for perfect viewing

      High contrast LCD

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