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5500 series
102 cm (40") 3D DVB-T/C Smart LED TV Pixel Plus HD

5500 series Smart LED TV

102 cm (40"), 3D, DVB-T/C 40PFL5507H/12 Find similar products
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    Smart LED TV

    40PFL5507H/12 Find similar products

    Experience a world of content with a Philips 40PFL5507 3D Smart LED TV. Enjoy powerful Full HD LED pictures and endless possibilities of Smart TV Plus and step into the world of 3D! See all benefits

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Enjoy 3D and Smart TV

  • Integrated Wi-Fi to use Smart TV wirelessly

    With integrated Wi-Fi in your Philips TV, you can access a world of content with Smart TV wirelessly at home.

  • A wealth of online apps, videos to rent and catch-up TV

    Rent movies directly on your TV from online video stores, watch catch-up TV from your favorite channels and enjoy a rich selection of online apps with Net TV. You can also browse the open internet.

  • Control the TV with your smart phone, tablet or keyboard

    Control your TV in the easiest and most convenient way. Just connect a wireless keyboard or use your smart phone or tablet to control your Smart TV.

  • With SimplyShare, enjoy photos, music and movies on your TV

    Share photos, music and movies through SimplyShare from your smart phone, tablet or computer and enjoy them on the big screen.

  • Find, schedule, record* & pause TV

    Record live digital TV on a USB connected to your Philips TV or pause content whenever you want to take a break and continue watching whenever you want. Use the Electronic Program Guide to find your favorite programs and easily schedule your preferred recordings. Now you can program your TV viewing around your life.

  • 3D Clarity 400 for an exciting Full HD 3D experience

    Enjoy exciting Full HD 3D on your Philips TV. Using active 3D technology, 3D Clarity 400 offers an unrivaled 3D viewing experience in high resolution. Even convert any 2D content into vivid and flawless 3D.

  • Enjoy any 2D content in flawless 3D at a push of a button

    Watch your entire movie collection in vivid and flawless 3D – even old black-and-white classics. Philips offers real-time high-quality conversion of any 2D content at the push of a button. It ensures that subtitles are shown at a constant depth and that there are no errors such as the background appearing in the foreground.

  • Unique Two Player Full Screen Gaming mode for your 2D games

    With Philips 3D glasses, your TV can deliver the ultimate Two Player Full Screen Gaming experience. In 2D two-player games, each gamer usually sees their game on half the screen. Using 3D technology, each player can now enjoy the game in 2D in full screen at the same time, with just a click of a button on the glasses.

  • Brilliant LED images with incredible contrast

    The most advanced LED lighting technology in this Full HD LED TV combines an eye-catching minimalistic design with stunning image quality as well as the lowest power consumption in its category. On top of that, LED lighting technology does not contain any hazardous materials. Thus, with LED backlight you can enjoy low power consumption, high brightness, incredible contrast, sharpness and vibrant colors.

  • 400Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) for superb motion sharpness

    400Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) creates extreme motion sharpness for clear and vibrant images in fast action movies. The new Philips PMR standard shows the combined visible effect of the fastest panel refresh rate, HD Natural Motion and unique processing formula, for unprecedented motion sharpness.

  • Full HD TV with Pixel Plus HD for better details and clarity

    Pixel Plus HD offers the unique combination of ultimate sharpness, natural detail, vivid colors, and smooth natural motion. Artifacts and noise in any sources from multimedia to standard definition TV and also in highly compressed HD are detected and reduced, ensuring that the picture is clear and razor-sharp.

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Eco passport - Our environmental product specifications overview

Philips cares about the environment and society at large, and strongly supports eco-design of products.

  • Net TV: Visit to discover the services offering in your country.
  • USB recording only for digital channels covered by the TV IP bases Electronic Programme Guide (country and channel restrictions may apply), recordings may be limited by broadcast copy protection (CI+). An internet connection is required.
  • DivX Certified® to play DivX® video up to HD 1080p, including premium content.
  • Parents should monitor their children during 3D viewing and ensure they do not experience any discomfort as mentioned above. Watching 3D is not recommended for children under 6 years of age as their visual system is not fully developed yet.
  • The TV supports DVB reception for 'Free to air' broadcast. Specific DVB operators may not be supported. An up to date list can be found in the FAQ section of the Philips support website. For some operators Conditional Access and subscripction are required. Contact your operator for more information.
  • Energy consumption in kWh per year, based on the power consumption of the television operating 4 hours per day for 365 days. The actual energy consumption will depend on how the television is used.
  • 8 days EPG, service not available in all countries

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