Create any style you want
with Philips electric shavers

Series 7000



Series 5000

Our most advanced shaver, with three-way flexing heads for a surprisingly comfortable dry shave, or use with foam for a refreshing wet shave

Shave wet with gel or foam for extra skin comfort or use dry for convenience

Moisturises your skin while you shave

Get through your morning routine quickly with more shaving minutes and powerful shaving performance

  • Shave wet or dry with Aquatec
  • Three-way flexing and pivoting heads
  • UltraTrack heads
  • Shave wet or dry with Aquatec
  • Pivoting and flexing head
  • DualPrecision heads
  • Advanced skin protection with NIVEA FOR MEN lotion
  • Soft Touch contour following
  • Stretch and Lift rings
  • Classic dry shave
  • Pivoting and flexing head
  • Triple Track heads

**Specifications shown are not applicable to all products within each range.
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